Friday, August 26, 2011


So this week has been CRAZY!!  Tuesday was my first day back and I spent the week getting a schedule together, helping some of my kiddos get comfortable and adjusted in their new classes, helping teachers get to know my kiddos and some ways to help them in their class, sending out info to teachers and parents, paperwork, setting up goal pages, and a ton more that I can't even remember!!!

I am so glad to be back and can't wait to see some kiddos next week!! Unfortunately due to the crazyness I was not able to find the time to do Blog Hoppin's Teacher Week and I soooooo badly wanted to.  I thought I would add a freebie today but then realized all the things I created this week are all based on student's service and intervention plans and can't be shared.   After I do initial assessments next week I Will be able to get some activities made and I promise to share some freebies!!! For now, I am LOVING checking out all of yours!!! Great job to all of you bloggers and your amazing ideas.  Makes me want to work extra hard on finding some of my own ideas and creations this year!

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  1. aahhh, school starts for me in a week. I hope my kiddos can get back into a routine!