Thursday, August 18, 2011

Progress Monitoring

As a special educator, I spend a lot of time collecting data, doing mini assessments, and progress monitoring.  I have realized the true benefits of these measures and enjoy seeing my students' scores increase.  I also love knowing exactly where they are, being able to see if their scores do not increase, and finding ways to help them. 

I progress monitor each of my kids once a week on the measures that they need tested on.  This usually takes about 5 minutes total.  The students turn in their papers and I go back and grade them at the end of the day.  I fill in their data sheet (copy found below) and this year I also plan to chart their data plot on a line graph for a visual representation to use at conferences and ISP meetings.

After last year, I have gotten to understand the process of using progress monitoring and I tweaked my forms to make them easier for me to use.  Takes lots of time to create, but will save lots of time during instructional hours!!  Here is a copy of my ORF Data Sheet.  I took norms that I found on the internet and compared them with others to make sure they were accurate.  My school does not have a program that they purchased so I have to find or make my own measures.  I think this turned out pretty good and I am looking forward to testing it out in the next week or two.  Feel free to download but all I ask is that you follow my blog and leave me a comment!

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