Tuesday, January 31, 2012

What a Day & A Sentence Writing Strategy Freebie!

So we all have those days where things just don't quite go as planned and today was one of those days for me.  I have 36 kiddos this year and they continue to flood in!  Currently I am in the middle of annual reviews on 2 service plans (private school IEPs), 2 intervention plans (RTI stuff ), an ETR (3 year reviews), opening an ETR for a student to change identification, and starting the MFE (special ed testing) process for a new kiddo.  Wow... There is a lot going on and I am so lucky I am an organized person because I am pretty sure I wouldn't make it if I wasn't!

Now on to the good stuff!!!

I work with a lot of kiddos with a lot of abilities and disabilities and one thing I find is that teaching students to write can be quite tricky!  I was really struggling getting students to write sentences appropriately so I did some research and found this strategy... 5 Star Sentences.  I took the idea, tweaked it for my liking, made a printable and a data sheet and here we go! 

You can Download the activity HERE!!
Please comment/follow if you use and let me know how it worked for you!
The goal is that students are writing a sentence and include appropriate capitalization, letter formation, spacing, punctuation and correct spelling (on grade level words).
I use these a few different ways depending on goal/grade/skill focus. For my 1st graders, I dictate a sentence and they write it on the lines. For my older kiddos (2-4th grade) I have them write there own sentence.
The "grading" is all the same. If the student uses capital letters appropriately, I color in that star. If they form letters correctly, I color in that star, and so on for all 5 areas. If a student gets 5 stars, they earn some type of reward and if a student gets more stars than the last time I assessed, they also get a reward. Some students will take all year before they ever get 5 stars and I still want to help them feel proud for improving! I have found this activity to be very helpful and students really seem to enjoy it as well!

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