Wednesday, February 22, 2012


As I have mentioned before, we are currently in the works to update our behavior program at school and so I have been scouring the blogland and pinterest for ideas.  I am leading a workshop next Thursday to give teachers some strategies to try out in their rooms as well as discuss our plan for next year.  I have been creating a presentation as well some example materials that teachers can use so it has been very busy.  I just finished a reward menu that I am going to hang in my room.  I am hoping to send it to snapfish and create it into a larger poster.  I am planning to do an ocean theme next year and am very pleased with how it turned out. 

I am planning to use the website that allows to me digitally give and take away points for each of my students.  As they accumulate points, they can turn them in for one of the rewards.  The rewards I can give is limited due to the lack of time I have each student, but I think this is a pretty good list.

What behavior programs do you use?  What are your students' favorite "rewards"?


  1. I do two things, one positive and one negative. As a positive, students have punch cards where they earn stars to trade for prizes. We do erasers, pencils, bookmarks, toy chest, and candy for those at every 5 punches. If they fill up 3 cards by the end of the year, they get to come to a class lunch party too. For the negative, we have a strike system. Honestly though, not not many students use the strikes. I love that!

    We also have class auctions, which I wrote about last week over at my blog if anyone is interested in that. Favorite prizes seem to be time with teacher, teacher chair, ink, move desk for a day, and an extra recess.

    Good luck!
    Christi =)
    Ms. Fultz's Corner

  2. I just created an account for ClassDojo and can't wait to get back to school on Monday to try it out with the kids! (We're on furlough week here in parts of California.)

  3. Love the look of your menu! I am blessed to work at a school that runs a whole positive reinforcement program for special ed kiddos... I am not sure i can fit all my incentives on one menu, but your looks AWESOME!

    Thought i might share some ideas for reinforcements that have worked for me (all are fairly cheap): stickers, bookmarks that i made, a free photo copy from a book, using a pen to complete work, help pass out papers, and pick a chore. I even use 1 or 2 M&Ms and skittles as incentives as well. These work great as random incentives!

    Also, have you heard of Guided Language Acquisition Design (Project GLAD)? I use this to teach all my SS and Science lessons... they also use a point system when students are partnered or teamed up. They students don't earn anything tangible. They just keep racking up the points and they become motivated by that.

    Just a few ideas for ya! Steal em if you like!