Tuesday, February 14, 2012

List of What I Love

The Hubs and I are not big on celebrating Valentines day so after working, tutoring, and taking the pup to the vet, I thought I would do a post listing a few of the things I love right now!

1st. and foremost... My family!  They are the best and I am so lucky to have them!  Especially the Hubs, he is so good at keeping me grounded and helping me to be my best!  Just love him!

2nd.  Teaching Blogs!  I really love posting, making activities to share, reading about your great ideas and implementing them!
3rd.  My cute little puppy Charlie.  He is just the cutest little thing even though he can be quite the troublemaker. 

Yes, that is him, standing on the coffee table, no he shouldn't be up there!

4th. www.saymmm.com  I am obsessed with cooking and baking and finding new recipes to shake it up!  However, I have an overabundance of cookbooks, magazines, and don't even get me started on pinterest board....  This website lets me upload all my recipes and favorite meals.  I can do a weekly meal plan and add all of the ingredients to a shopping list in one click!  It also includes nutritional info which is helping with the diet.  Oh I just love it!! O and it can be sent to my phone through an app or Onenote!

5th. www.classdojo.com You may have read previously that I am in the works of re-doing our schools behavior program and trying to find ideas to use.  I found this website from the RTI Guy's newsletter and I love it!  I actually just started using it with my kids yesterday but it is fantastic.  Its a point system online with avatars.  Points can be added or taken away and you can track each students points in a "behavior report card" which is great for RTI data.  I also like that you can share classes so it's great for support teachers, and special teachers!  you should definitely check it out!

6th. The new show this season, New Girl on FOX with Zoey Deschanel.  She is so funny and I just love to watch that show each week.  It is definitely my favorite right now!

7th. www.justsoscrappy.blogspot.com  I always thought using free clipart was good enough for my activities, and it still is in some aspects, but man I just really love using this cute stuff and I think it makes it so much better!

8th. My Crockpot... I am very much a chicken, casserole, pasta, mexican cooker.  But recently I have been branching out and finding new things to make and thanks to my crockpot, I am finding so much!

9th. Cupcakes!!!!!  Anyone who knows me knows I love baking and I especially love baking cupcakes.  I frequently make them for birthdays, showers, holidays, etc. and would love to make it a side business!  YumYumYum!

10th. Ikea!  The Hubs and I are getting ready to redo our basement and turn it into a double office/craft area.  Ikea is going to be quite the supporter in this remodel!

What are the things you love?

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