Thursday, February 9, 2012

Thank you to all of you!

First of all... I hope this isn't too deep for any of you but I really wanted to post about this!  Every now and then, we all have those moments where we need some seriousness, and after this I promise I'll get back to my fun-lovin self! 

All of you are absolutely amazing and I hope that as I become more comfortable and accustomed to the teaching blog world, I can be half as good as ya'll!  You all inspire me to be better and each day I feel myself trying to find ways to improve and do more fun things. 

I'll be honest, this teaching setting isn't my first choice and I would love to get into a typical classroom setting (1st or 2nd are my favorite!) but for now I am just trying to do my best.  I see students once maybe twice a week for intervention and I honestly feel that just isn't enough for a lot of these kiddos.  I felt that the random pull out and lack of time I had with each student didn't really mean much or do much, but now I find myself trying to find ways to make it more functional and better for the students and myself!  I love to teach and I am so glad that I am finding ways to progress and do better in this setting so thank you!!  You all have been that little push I needed!!

I am already thinking of some great ways to improve next year and am in the process to try and increase my time at the school or change scheduling to provide an appropriate amount of time for these kiddos!  I can't wait to see what the next few years have in store for me and my career and for now I am thankful that I have ya'll as a support system!


  1. This is sweet! I love blogland :)

  2. I totally agree with you Taylor. Your job sounds a lot like mine. I was happy to get a job last year (ohio is terrible for teaching jobs) But I have my fingers crossed so hard to get a classroom job this upcoming school year. I absolutely love first! :)