Friday, April 27, 2012

Wow...What a week!

First of all, thank you all so much for the kind thoughts, prayers, and well wishes!  It just reinforces how great BlogLand is! 

Anyways... What a crazy week it has been.  We are doing OAA Testing this week which just reminds me how great it is working at a private school!  In the fall we assess our students with the IOWA test.  In the spring, we do OAA's but we only have to assess students who are on EdChoice (a voucher program).  This year we only had 10 kids testing and only 3 of them were my Sped kiddos, so it hasn't been too bad.  With that said however, any of you special ed teachers know that providing accommodations can be stressful.  2 of my students receive a Read Aloud accommodation and extended time and another student receives those as well but also a large print text.  2 things I have learned from this years testing experience...
     1. When reading a test your best to not watch what the student answers because it is extremely difficult to watch them answer a question wrong that you know they should get right.  "We just went over this together last month, you know how to do this!!" is what I am screaming inside.  "Or didn't you listen to the question, it said write 2 ways, not just 1!"
     2. When transcribing from the large print test to the actual test to be graded, it must be done VERBATIM!! Any words spelled wrong, I spell wrong, no capital letters, I can't put capital letters, no punctuation, I can't put punctuation.  Holy moley is that hard!!  I am pretty sure that I will never be able to spell wheth with ever again!

Aside from testing, we have also had a parent request gifted testing and seeing as we do not have a gifted specialist my principal decided to put me on that detail... kind of the opposite end of the spectrum, but I like a challenge so why not!  That required lots of research but I think I am figuring it out!  We also received paperwork on a new incoming student next year who is going to need lots of support so we've been meeting with the parents and working on preparing for her!  I am thrilled to add a new kiddo to my growing program! 

We have also been a part of an Art Council program called Artist in Residence and that has been going on for the last 2 weeks.  The students have been learning about theatre and even more specifically, deaf theatre.  Last night was the performance and it was so adorable, long, but adorable.  (I didn't get home from school until 9:30 and so today I have a very large coffee as my best friend!)  Today is grandparents day which includes a special Mass (and since I'm not Catholic, and desperate for a break from paperwork, I am able to blog now!), a special breakfast for the grandparents, and another school performance of the show!  1 more OAA test this afternoon and the crazy week will be over!!

I have also been working on preparing some summer work packets for kids.  I will be posting 1 as a FREEBIE soon!

Have a great weekend everyone!

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