Monday, May 7, 2012

An ABC Freebie

Happy Teacher Appreciation Week Everyone!! I am so excited to shop the sales at TPT... I am still getting the hang of that site and am loving it more each time I am on it.  I will eventually add some of my goodies but for now, I will continue offering freebies... Lucky all of you right?!?!?! 

I am going to have a tiny pity party for a moment now. 
Being in the position that I am in... Part time Instructional Assistant & Part Time Intervention Specialist in a tiny school, teacher appreciation week usually seems to bypass me.  Not to whine or complain but I see all the great things that the classroom teachers have received and it can be frustrating at times.  I don't teach for all the glory and the amazing paycheck...NOT... but I teach because I love it and because I love watching kiddos be successful!  However... it is nice to be appreciated sometimes.  Any of you other pull-out/resource teacher out there feel this way? 


We do a volunteers appreciation luncheon on Wednesday and my school asked me to do the cupcakes!  For those of you who don't know, I have a very small little side baking business.  I do cupcakes, cakes, and cookies and I am doing 72 cupcakes for the luncheon.  Yay!! I am hoping that this will spark some more business over the summer to get some more money coming in!  So I baked all of those after school today and am just now finished up.  I will leave you with an ABC book freebie that I made for my kinders summer work packets.  I am sure many of you have your own version of this, but just in case, here is mine

This is the cover page.

And here is a sample page.  Students are instructed to search for pictures of things that begin with the letter at the top of the page.  I also encourage them to start thinking of words, writing them on the page, and have their parents help them with spelling them.

To assemble: Fold the over page normally.  For the other pages, fold them the opposite way so that the fold crease is out and the 2 pages folded are stapled into the "spine".  Let me know if that doesn't make sense... It's late and my brain is about mush haha.

I hope someone finds it cute and useful.   Remember, if you download, please leave me a little comment and let me know what you think!

OMGosh... I almost forgot.....This past weekend my husband and I bought a new car... and it's all mine!  A new 2013 black Ford Explorer!  I just love it!

Anyways, have a great week everyone!


  1. Last year I was a maternity leave long term sub during Teacher Appreciation Week and they skipped right over me, too! Oh wells. :)

    Marvelous Multiagers!

  2. Hi Taylor! Thanks for thinking of me..I'm thinking of you too and that's frustrating that you've got the same job next year. Sometimes I get so discouraged because I have all these ideas (and blogs have helped!) and some of the "real teachers" aren't the best and I'm stuck in a not ideal position. (I think I have the same one next year as well if I don't find anything else) At least we both still have some sort of job though right?! haha. My inbox is still empty from the district. I did email the principal though and thanked her again for the opportunity to talk last week and then reiterated my qualities. Ugghhh... :/
    As for Teacher Appreciation week at my school, this week is Chart School Week so we skip right over the "teacher stuff" today our PTA is giving us a potluck so that's exciting. But yes, I get skipped for holidays and whatnot as well. I might have gotten 1-2 gifts this year. Ok, long post...have a good day!


  3. *I meant to say Charter School Week