Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Help!!! I Need End of the Year Ideas

So being in the position I am in, part time Intervention Specialist and part time Instructional Aide I see a LOT of kids in the week.  I have 32 kids that I see during intervention times which total out to 3 days a week. I pretty much see these kids every year, especially the ones that are on IEP's, and I would really love to do a memory book/end of the year fun wrap up.  However I know that they do these in their normal classrooms as well.  But I was thinking it would be so fun and special to try and do the same "end of year interview" or "memory book" and keep them.  Then when they either test out of special ed services or graduate 8th grade I can give them to them in a little book. 

My concerns/questions/problems...

1. Is it silly for them to do one for me when I am sure they will do something along the same lines in their classroom?
2. If I do make one and do this, what should I put on it?
3. How on earth am I going to find the time to do this when I only get to see these kids once a week, twice at most, and we only have 2 weeks left, plus lots of end of the year testing?!?
4. Will this be worth it if I only end up staying at this school for one more year (then they wouldn't have a bunch of years worth compiled together in a book when they graduate or test out.)

Also.... any of you Pull-Out, Resource teachers out there... How do you celebrate the end of the year with your students?  Does this time of the year really make you long for a classroom of your own with your own kiddos long I seem to be feeling??

Thanks in advance!


  1. Yea, unfortunately I'm not doing too much for end of year. just the pop rocks gift and playing games the last day. I'm testing them the last week of this month and writing up reports to see how well they've progressed..but that's about it

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  2. Maybe you could make a simple worksheet that has a couple questions about their year and have them draw a picture. If you only have them for a short time and want to give it to them at the end of their special ed with you, it doesn't need to be 50 or even 20 pages. What if you did one page a year? I did a "kindergarten was a hoot" theme with mine, if you look on my blog....but that would be too much to do a whole project like that with so many kids..
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  3. I say do it! I don't have any other ideas for you though... haha!

    When I was an aide, the reading specialist at our school was in her first year in that position. Before that, she had been the school's first grade teacher for like 8 years or something. She said the days she most missed having her own classroom were on party days, like Valentine's. She would wander from room to room looking sad.

    So, I understand!! I hope you find what you're looking for. :)

    Marvelous Multiagers!