Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Some Cupcake Pictures & A Writing Intervention

Oh this weather is making me feel so crummy!  But luckily it's Wednesday which means it's almost Friday and I can rest over the weekend.  On top of the 12 parent meetings I have in the next 4 weeks, I also have been picking up on the baking orders.  We had our volunteer luncheon today and I made 72 cupcakes Monday night & last night for it!  They were a huge hit and I am hoping that I get some more orders/business from it!

I made...
 Cookies 'n' Cream


And Vanilla

I really need to work on my cupcake photography! 

But anyways... Now on to the strategy!

I have many kiddos that I work with that really need support with writing sentences and also writing paragraphs.  Many of them write about 5 different topics in 1 paragraph, repeat the same details over and over, or struggle to write more than 2 sentences.  And not to mention, how many times do you hear kids ask "How long does it have to be?"  Well this is an intervention that I do with my older kids (grades 4 and up) that really supports their learning.  (I don't use it with younger kiddos because they need support in basic sentences, but you may be able to use this with your youngin's that are ready for paragraphs.) 

I learned of a similar intervention from somewhere... I wish I could remember where... that I tweaked and then I made the following printable.  I call it the 1-3-5 Paragraph. The idea is that you write 1 sentence (the topic sentence) 3 more sentences that give details based on the topic sentence and a 5th sentence (the conclusion sentence) that essentially repeats the topic sentence. 

I love this strategy and it works really well for my junior high kids that struggle with writing.  I also like it because I can easily give the classroom teachers a few copies.  I suggest that they give them to my students when they are working on writing assignments in class to provide an in class accommodation (and I just cross my fingers and hope that they actually use it!!....) 

Here is a copy for you to download and see a little easier.  Please, if you do download, leave me a little note and let me know what you think! 


  1. Taylor..your cupcakes look amazing! we had our parent volunteers put on a luncheon on tuesday but the desserts looked no where near as good as yours! ;)


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