Thursday, May 31, 2012

Wow is it busy!

Wow! I was thinking this morning "I haven't blogged in a few days" and when I checked this evening, it has been 9 days!  YIKES!

Things have been so crazy with it being the last week of school.  Tuesday we had field day and the talent show.  I love the talent show, it's just so stinking cute!  One group of 2nd grade boys had a talent in the show and in the program it was labeled "Art".  They literally got up on the stage with an easel and drew a picture of a car on a road with a building and a sun in the sky.  There was no music or any fanciness to it but they were so proud of their work!  It was so cute and where else would that ever be cute or funny! I just loved it.  There was lots of dancing and some singing and even some jump roping to Hannah Montana!  I wish I could share some pictures with you but I forgot to take my camera. 

Tuesday night, the Hubs and I went to the Dave Matthews concert so needless to say, Wednesday was a very long day but thankfully we just had parties with popcorn, my End of the Year Questionnaire and they received their awards.  I purchased Candy Awards from Reagan at Tunstalls Teaching Tidbits.  You can purchase your own set here.  They absolutely loved them!  Today was full of finishing progress reports and getting all the paperwork done for the company I work for.  

Tomorrow is the last day of school and we finish at noon.  I plan on spending the rest of the afternoon packing up and getting my room closed up because I honestly do not want to go back in next week to finish it!  I am moving rooms next year which I am super excited about so that takes a bit more work, but I am hoping I can get it all done.

I hope that everyone is having a good week whether your close to the end of the year, still trucking along, or out for the summer! 


  1. The talent show sounded cute! I plan on doing some taking down in my room tomorrow as well. Our last day is next thursday. Do you get to move to a bigger room?! :)

  2. Yes Thank goodness!! Hang in there, almost done!