Sunday, July 29, 2012

100 Followers Giveaway

Thanks everyone for the congratulations that you've given me on my little 'ole accomplishment of 100 followers.  I am so excited that people have found my blog and more importantly, have found it good enough to follow!  Most days I just feel like I am rambling on and on and I just hope that I have been able to share things with you all that you find helpful and interesting!  So thank you to all of you for following my randomness, staying with me through my rough patches and absence, and supporting me in my teaching adventures! 

I have put a lot of thought into what I would do to celebrate. 

-  Should I host a TPT sale?  Well that is a no at this time due to the awesome sales already going on!  -  Maybe to a rafflecopter?  I honestly don't like rafflecopter so that was a quick no.
-  Have some of you amazing ladies share some of your resources?  That's a lot of planning that I just
   don't have time to orchestrate right now with all that's going on.
-  Giveaway a packet?  There's the winner!

So in celebration of my 100 followers, I am going to give my newest packet away to 10 of you awesome followers!  That's right, I said 10!  But don't worry, if you aren't able to get a free one it is uploaded in my TPT Store here for just $2.00!

This is a writing assessment pack.  Included are journal prompts and story starters for each month.  On each prompt page, is a box for you to document the number of capitalization, spelling, and punctuation mistakes as well as whether or not the student stayed on topic.  Also included are the prompts in a cut and paste set-up so that you can glue the prompt in a journal or onto primary paper. 

I use these to track progress of my students throughout the year as well as collect data on specific goals.  On top of using the notes box, I also write down things the student improved or did well on as well as things the student is struggling with.  Examples of this could be writing "improved on subject-verb agreement" "needs to improve on using correct tense."  Etc.

So... All you have to do is leave me a comment with your email and the first 10 people to do that will receive a copy of the packet by email in the next day or 2.  I hope that you can find this resource beneficial and something that you can use in your class.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend my lovelies! 



  1. I would love this packet! Congratulations on 100 followers!! :)
    Learning Is Something to Treasure

  2. I'd love the packet! Congrats!

    The Gypsy Teacher

  3. I would love this packet! I recently stumbled upon your blog and have read nearly all of your entries already haha. I'll be teaching special education for grades 4-6 this year.

  4. Congratulations Taylor!! It's exciting to reach a 100 followers & it's nice to see a different type of giveaway! I would love to have this packet, it would be great to use my with language arts students! =)

    The Resource Room Teacher

  5. I was so excited about the packet that I forgot to leave my email! Oops!

  6. I'm loving your site! Thanks for all the info. I would LOVE a packet :0). Congrats!

  7. Congrats on 100 followers! That packet looks awesome! Would love it!

    Apple Blossoms

  8. I'd love this pack! Thanks for offering it to us :)

    Miss V's Busy Bees

    I'm having a 2-0-0 follower giveaway - come on by!

  9. I'm one of your newest follower.
    Congratulations on 100!

    1. Thanks, I am following you now too!! I love your blog design!

  10. Congrats on reaching 100!! Hopefully, I'll get there soon!

    me teach good

  11. Oh gosh, this looks great!

  12. These are really cute! I'm sad that I missed the giveaway, but totally gonna buy 'em anyway!


    Inside this Book

    1. Im glad you find them to be useful!! Thanks so much!

  13. Congrats. Thanks for the opportunity.