Thursday, July 5, 2012

A day in my shoes...

It's International Blog Hopping Day over at TBA and the theme this year is just the cutest thing ever!

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I thought I'd share a day in my shoes! - summer tutoring day that is.
Ruby Red Slippers

This is based on either a Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday... Mondays and Fridays... I do a lot of randomness cuz I'm off! Yay, I love summer!

7:15 am - 1st alarm goes off - I tell The Hubs to get up and I hit

7:30 am - 2nd alarm goes off - Again, I tell The Hubs to get up,
                and again, I hit snooze! (yep I'm one of 
                those people)

7:45 am - 3rd alarm goes off, once again, with more force and a
                swift kick to the leg, I tell The Hubs to get up and I
                reluctantly get out of bed and hop in the shower

8:00 am - pull covers off of The Hubs and I start to get ready.

8:15 am - this time, closer to a yell, I threaten The Hubs to get out
                of bed or else *insert threatening comment here*

8:30 am - I head out the door and sit in traffic for a half an hour
                until I finally arrive at Barnes and Noble where I will be
                posted up for the next 6 to 8 hours...

9 am - 3 pm - kiddos are comin' and goin' working on math,
                writing, and reading...

3:00 pm - head either home or school and work on lesson plans for
                the kiddos I just taught during next week's sessions.

6:00 pm - fix some dinner... usually pinterest inspired! Yum!

7:00 pm - watch some TV with The Hubs/Blog stalk/Make
                 activities/Craft/Play with the Pup!/Housework

10:00 pm - head up to bed and read or watch some more TV
                   eventually crash and start all over again the next day

What does your day look like?


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  1. I just discovered that Vista Print was not in fact a scam and I love it! I made free homework passes that I'm most definitley going to use next year!

    Amanda @ Survivng the First Year