Saturday, July 7, 2012

Don't you just love Subway Art: quick tutorial and FREEBIE!

Hey guys!  How am I spending my Saturday evening you may ask?  Watching some UFC with The Hubs and a few of his friends.  I hate UFC... I will never understand men and their weird interest in fighting but whatever.  I was able to try out some of my pinterest inspired recipes.

I made Buffalo Chicken Potato Skins which got some great reviews! 
Some Queso also delicious!
And some desserts.

But anyways....

Have you guys been seeing all the cool Subway art out there?  I just love it!  I had this one empty spot in my kitchen and I just wasn't happy with anything I was finding to put in there.  I decided that I was going to figure out how to make some of my own Subway Art and use cooking words!  I went to google and typed in Subway Art Tutorials and found some that used Adobe Photoshop which I don't use.  I found another that used a program that isn't even up and running anymore.  I was starting to get slightly annoyed.  Then I figured... why not just use powerpoint.  If you're like me, you use powerpoint for your awesome activities and therefore are a pro. 

The big deal with subway art is that you use fun and different fonts, colors, and placement.  I figured that if I can rotate a picture, I'm sure I can rotate a text box.  Sure enough, you can!  So here is a quick tutorial if you want to make your own Subway Art using Powerpoint.

1) You need to first download some awesome fonts.  If you need some good websites to download free fonts here are some of my favorites:

2)  Once you have some fonts, you are pretty much good to go!  Think of the theme you are going to use and come up with a list of words that you are going to use. 

3) Once you open up powerpoint, click the "insert" tab and click "text box".  Then drag a small box to give you some space to type in.  Go back to your home screen, pick a font and type your word.  Once you have the word typed, you can then place with the size and the placement on the page.  Just drag and drop it where ever you want it on the page. 

4) If you want to turn the word so that it is sideways on the page, once you have the word typed, make sure that you have clicked on the word and there is a dashed box around it.  Then at the top of powerpoint, an orange box should be visible and says "Drawing Tools."  You should then see on the right side a drop down box that says "rotate".  Click it and choose "Rotate Right 90 degrees".

5) Repeat the process for all of your words.  Make sure to change the fonts and the sizes so that it doesn't look all uniform. 

6) That's it!  Pretty simple and I hope that my directions were easy for you to follow!

This is the Subway Art I made for my kitchen.  Feel free to download and use for your own kitchen!  It is set to fit in an 8x10 picture frame.

fyi... this is the first time that I have put a link through a picture so PLEASE let me know if it will not open for you!

Here's how it looks in my kitchen!  Love it!


  1. Taylor, that's really cute! I've never used powerpoint for my activities, I use a program called Serif Drawplus which I ordered from amazon for about $14 and its just like photoshop, but much easier. Check it out! :)


  2. Here is a quick and easier way.

  3. Here is a quick and easier way.