Thursday, July 19, 2012

Teacher Binder Project has begun! & Calendars

Hey gals!  So I had 2 tutoring sessions today and 1 got cancelled after I got there so... I got to come home at noon today!  Yay!  It has also been raining all day and the cable went out so I have been watching movies and working on some school things!  I have seen lots of teacher binder projects and thought I would make my tab pages and my calendars today.  I am not sharing my tab pages mostly because I know that what I need is very different from you Gen. Ed. ladies but I thought I'd share my design because...well... they are just too cute!

I'm doing an ocean theme in my room this year but I wanted to make these generic so that I could reuse them.  They take a lot of ink to print and I tend to have the same binder system each year. 

I tend to be over organized sometimes which actually can lead to problems!  I have a monthly/weekly planner that I got from Target that I use to keep track of things I have to do each week, things I want to blog about, housework, meal planning, places to be, etc.  I also use Google Calendar which syncs to my phone so that I can keep up with meetings, appointments, and places to be. 

Finally, I come to my teacher calendar which I keep in my binder.  It includes testing dates, data collection schedules, the school calendar, ISP/IEP meetings, RTI Meetings, Conferences, Teacher meetings, etc.  I have seen so many cute and awesome versions through pinterest and all you amazing bloggers however they didn't quite fit my needs.  Some have too much color and I just can't afford all that color ink... I'd rather save it for games and activities for the kiddos.  Some are set up in a landscape format which I just am not a fan of when in a binder.  So I made some of my own!  They have color, but not too much color, they are vertical for ease of use, and I left out the weekends!! 

I am kind of in love with them and maybe you will be too! 
I will be putting them in my TPT Store, but for the first 3 comments, I will send them to you for free so be sure to leave your email (at least I think this is the best way to get them to you all, let me know if there is a better one!)!

Welp, I am off to get ready...The Hubs and I are going to see Jeff Dunham tonight and I am so excited!  He is just hilarious and I really start to think that those dummies are actually talking by the end of his shows!  Have a great day everyone!


  1. I love the binder pages & the calendar! Very cute! I like to be super organized too, especially when teaching different grades!

    Have fun seeing Jeff Dunham tonight, he is hilarious! =)

    The Resource Room Teacher

  2. I love your idea for organizing your binder! I made my dividers using scrapbook, because I also don't like to use up a lot of color ink! Send the rain over to NW Ohio!

    Teaching Special Kids

  3. Love these binder covers- but especially the calendars! How ADORABLE!


  4. Your binder covers are precious! I love your polka dots.

    ✣ Miss Nelson✣
    Miss Nelson’s Blog

  5. Where can I find this on TPT? I recently got a job teaching special education in Minneapolis and I'm trying to get myself all organized...which I'm finding increasingly difficult. I'd love to download your layout but I can't find you on TPT.

    1. You can get my calendar pages at the following link.

      And if you reply with your email, I can send you the binder pages. I didn't upload them thinking that not many people would need the same types of binder pages with all of the grades listed.

      Thanks for your interest in my products and good luck in the new job! It is difficult getting organized at first but you'll find a system that works for you!