Thursday, August 30, 2012

1st Full Week

It's Thursday, tomorrow is Friday, and we're off Monday!  This week has kicked my butt and I haven't even started with all of my students yet.  I have been doing paperwork on my Sped teaching days, but have been running around like the chicken with my head cut off that I am for my Aide position. 

By Thanksgiving, I have four kids up for 3 year Re-Evals and 5 Initial Evaluations for kids that were either parent request or have gone through RTI and it's time to get a better picture.  Just in case you were wondering, that's A LOT!!  So thankfully I have been able to spend a lot of time getting meetings scheduled, paperwork in line, data collected and all that other fun stuff.  Therefore, unfortunately with all that, I don't have anything fun to share with you right now but I have some exciting plans for my kids this year and can't wait to share those with you!

Have a good Friday!!

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