Sunday, August 19, 2012

3-2-1 Linky Party

I am linking up with Emily and Antoinette over at 4321 Teach for their 3-2-1 Linky Party!
3...2...1 Linky Party!
3 Favorite Summer Memories
2 Favorite Things about Back to School
1 Career you would like to try if you weren't a teacher
3 Favorite Summer Memories

1- Traveling - I am very fortunate to be able to take summer vacations every year and I don't know what I would do without them. 

This year we took a week and a half trip to Florida with my family

 a 2 day trip to Louisville with The Hubs' whole family,

and a 4 day trip to Niagara Falls and Saratoga with my In-Laws.

One of these days, we'll get to take a trip just the 2 of us!!
2 - My schedule, my time - I loved getting to set my own schedule.  I tutored throughout the summer but it was still under my schedule and time frame.  I had Mondays and Fridays completely off and so I really got to do whatever I wanted or needed to do and it was great.  Now it's back to running on 9 other teacher's schedules and running around like a chicken with my head cut off.

3 - Pinterest Projects - I didn't get nearly enough of these done but I loved working on some of them and getting them ready for the school year, cooking/baking them, and making them for the home!

2 things about the upcoming year:

1 - Teaching - I love it!!  I love seeing progress in my students, catching up with other teachers, learning new ways to do things and getting to work with kiddos!

2 - My new bigger classroom!  See my previous post for some cute pictures!

1 job I'd have if it weren't teaching:

I love to bake and so I would love to have a bakery and think that would be really cool! 

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  1. Thanks for linking up. We have baking in common. It's a lot of fun to decorate until something goes wrong lol. I love that you travel so much. That is my plan for next summer. :)

    Good luck this school year.
    Antoinette and EmilyK