Thursday, August 2, 2012

So you're about to find out how crazy I really am...

Hey girls.  WOW!  So for those of you that didn't know, I had planned to do an ocean theme in my classroom this year.  I went to the teacher store and got stuff.  I ordered things from VistaPrint.  I made things to match the theme.  I was feeling like I was really making progress... Then last night, I randomly had this thought... "What am I doing?  I teach grades K-8 which means I teach middle schoolers, I can't have all this cute little primary age decorated stuff in there."  I literally had a minor panic attack.  I'm sure that it would have been fine but I just got it completely in my head that it was not going to work and is not the best idea for my big kids.  I want them to feel proud coming into my room not like they are coming into a "little kid" room because they can't do the "big kid" stuff (I already have enough of those problems with them!)

***SIDENOTE:  I'll be honest... middle schoolers are not my expertise.  I am certified through 12th grade in special ed but I really never wanted to teach higher than 4th so the past 2 years have been an adventure and I am trying to make improvements for the upcoming year.  Thus the last minute room theme!***

So after admitting to myself that I was absolutely crazy, I stayed up way too late searching ideas and decided that a color scheme will work best for the huge range of kids I work with.  I really love yellow and grey, black and yellow, teal and lime green, the possibilities are endless.  However with any of those choices, I would have to buy all new things and start completely fresh and with only 2 and a half weeks 'til kiddos report, I just don't have time to do all that.  Last year I did a mish-mosh of things with no theme but I did buy some things from the dots on brown set at United Art and Education.  So I decided to just use that color scheme in all areas of my room and get it looking really cute! I am just praying that it all works and that I can make it look good. Thank goodness for another VistaPrint coupon... I'm gonna need to do some more shopping. (Thank goodness there are only 2 posters that I really can't use from my first purchase).

So here is some stuff for my new theme:  Dots on Chocolate!
What do you think?  Besides the fact that I'm insane!



  1. You are SOOO not crazy! I love the dot look. My "theme" is always just a combination of primary colors. Then, I'm open to a lot of avenues! Can't wait to see pics of the finished product!

  2. I can relate! It seems like just when I make up my mind on a theme, I see someone else's that I like better! I think you'll be happy with the color scheme in your room. I have been using the colors of lime green and turquoise in my room for a couple of years and love doing colors over a theme with animals and whatnot!

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  3. I am not going with a theme this year - just a color scheme. My room is green and brown with hints of yellow and blue for accents! I totally get what you are saying!


  4. I love it. I use the Dots on Turquoise as my color scheme. A real them stresses me out!


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