Monday, September 10, 2012

O Gosh... So Much Place Value & A Freebie for 3

Are you guys doing as much place value as we are?  On my Aide days, such as this morning, I did place value 3 times in a row for all different grades.  My kiddos are really struggling with this and always do so this is something we work on A LOT and I mean A LOT!  So I made a fun packet of activities to work on this skill.  I made one that goes to the hundred thousands,

one to the thousands place,

and one to the hundreds place.

As you can see they ar all the same activity but color coded to match the skill level and to avoid mix-ups!  I have uploaded them into my TPT store and you can go here to download it!

But you all know how much I love sharing things with my readers so the first 3 people to leave a comment with their email will receive a free copy of the pack containing all 3 activities!

I hope everyone had a good Monday and is enjoying some Monday Night Football!! Go Bengals!

Sunday, September 9, 2012

How Do I Do Birthdays?

Hey Ladies,

I just have a real quick post for you today but I want to share with you how I am doing birthdays this year.  Being in the position I am in, I see pretty much half the school, which is a lot of kids' birthdays to celebrate!  Even students that aren't my intervention kids will bring me treats on their birthday so I wanted to have something cheap and easy to give to them when they come! 
This year I ordered these awesome, FREE, birthday business cards. 
The design is one of their free ones and I just made up the text.  Love them, and 250 of them should last me 2 years at least! 

I got a big box of air heads, because who doesn't love them a good 'ole air head, and taped one of the cards to each one. 
Finally, I stuck them all in this cute cupcake bucket and set it on my cabinet so it is easily accessible whenever a kiddo comes by and is easy for me to grab when one of my kiddos has a birthday!

 So, that's it!  It's simple, convenient, and I think the kids will love them!  I know it's not as cute as those balloons, or silly straws but this works for me, and maybe it will for you too!

Friday, September 7, 2012

Friday's Fantastic Five

So I know I had said I was going to try and figure out the whole linky party thing so that you all could link up for Friday's Fantastic Five but unfortunately it has been a bit hectic this week and I have not yet found the time to do so.  I would still love for anyone who wants to, to feel free to share their fantastic five too!

So here we go for this week!

5. It was only a 4 day week!  It really did make the week go so much faster and I was so thankful to have a shortened week as we are still trying to adjust to the new school year.

4. I think I may have finally gotten a schedule in place today and will be able to see all of my students next week.  Heck, I may even be able to do some teaching and not just observing and assessing!!!

3. I not only got to see some of my in-laws for Tuesday night dinner, but we also got to see my family this week too and it was great! 

2. I am starting a powerpoint lesson template type thing.  For each group I have a powerpoint slide that reminds the students what to do and helps them know what is expected of them each day!

And the most fantastic thing this week...

1. I worked with a student over the summer and we worked every day on subtraction with regrouping.  I assessed her on it this week and she scored a 100%!!  I was so thrilled!  Sometimes I feel that I don't really make much progress with my students and it's rarely mentioned that if a student does improve that I had anything to do with it.  But I know that this success was due to my support and teaching and that makes me feel great!  We all love when a student succeeds and who cares how they did it, but let's be honest, we all love to know, 100%, that we had a hand in doing it!!!  I was thrilled!

So what are your Fantastic Fives this week?  Enjoy the weekend!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Teaching Pencil Grip

Do you have any students that struggle with holding a pencil correctly?  I believe that if the child can hold a pencil in some way, write legibly, and have it not take forever to complete a writing task then who cares how they hold it.  But if students struggle with any or all of those things, then I believe that teaching the proper way to hold a pencil is important!  In my research today I learned that it is believed that handwriting is pretty much set by grade three so it is extremely important to teach this before then!

I have a kiddo that has some sensory issues which has made handwriting very difficult for him.  Last year we solely worked on correct letter formation, the pressure he used when he wrote, and spacing between his letters.  He made great progress and I hope some of it was due to the support I gave him.  Well this year we noticed that he is holding his pencil weird so I needed to come up with a way to help him. 

*Sidenote Instead of trying to come up with something on my own, I went to my never fail, all amazing, kill my creativity source... PINTEREST.  Does anyone else feel that since pinterest, their own creative ideas seemed to have slightly taken a backseat to the awesome ones someone else already did and posted?  Sometimes I have a good creative moment but thanks to Pinterest it doesn't happen nearly as often haha.*

Anyways... I found the best way to teach this on Pinterest today and it actually worked!  So I thought I would share with you this video! These ideas were so smart and I was so glad to find them! Go to the following link to check out her website and video.

She has a video that gives 2 awesome ways to teach your kiddos to hold a pencil correctly thus making it easier for them to write.  I used the first one and it worked beautifully!  I hope this can help you in some way! 

Tomorrow is Thursday everyone, almost the weekend again!  Yay!!  Enjoy the rest of your week!

Monday, September 3, 2012

Currently September

I am linking up with Farley over at Oh Boy 4th Grade for her September Currently!  Head on over  there to link up too!

My Favorite Things:

We recently got Directv and I am so in love with all of the movie channels! The Hubs and I are huge movie geeks and we have enjoyed having all of these movie options, especially since we are in the tweener stage between summer tv shows and fall tv shows.  It also gives us a chance to watch movies we've never seen but wanted to!! LoveLoveLove it with a big puffy heart!

Every Tuesday I make dinner for my sister-in-law and her family.  My nephew is in an intensive therapy program 3 days a week that runs until 6 o'clock at night so preparing and finding time for dinner has been tough for them.  It has turned out to be such a fun time and we have loved going over there.  If all I have to do is make a few extra servings of whatever I was planning to make anyways and it saves them time, stress and money then that's what I'm gonna do!  We have turned it into a nice evening and we end it with a trip to the ball field.  My nephew is a big baseball player and a very good catcher.  The Hubs is also a great player and so it has been great for him to work with our nephew on his skills and I get to hang out with my sister-in-law and chat!  This time has easily become my most anticipated time of the week! 

Only 4 days of school this week ladies!  Hang in there, stay strong and teach on!