Thursday, June 6, 2013

New blog...

Hey all....
Man has it been awhile!  I apologize for being away to all of my loyal followers.  So where have I been?  Well ten months ago I found out I was pregnant and everything changed!  I was extremely sick with morning sickness all the way through the pregnancy and between that, being completely exhausted, and having a rough year at school, blogging just wasn't happening.  Some of you know that my current teaching job is not exactly my dream job and I feel very limited in what I can do there.  Following all these amazing teaching blogs and seeing all the amazing things you all were doing was really starting to bum me out so I stopped blogging.

Well now I am a mama to a sweet baby girl and my interests and focus have shifted a bit.

I will still be going back to teaching next year, but at the same school and same position.  Some day I may get back to this blog, when I am really loving the placement I am in, but for now I will no longer be blogging here.

I have created a new blog called It's a Krazy Life where I will be sharing my adventures as a first time mom but mostly it is just a family blog for me to journal and have a creative outlet.  I have missed blogging greatly and so this will be the perfect solution... I think!!  So if you enjoy following family blogs, seeing baby pictures...lots of baby pictures, getting recipes, craft ideas, etc. stop on by!!

Enjoy your summer breaks everyone!!