Thursday, June 6, 2013

New blog...

Hey all....
Man has it been awhile!  I apologize for being away to all of my loyal followers.  So where have I been?  Well ten months ago I found out I was pregnant and everything changed!  I was extremely sick with morning sickness all the way through the pregnancy and between that, being completely exhausted, and having a rough year at school, blogging just wasn't happening.  Some of you know that my current teaching job is not exactly my dream job and I feel very limited in what I can do there.  Following all these amazing teaching blogs and seeing all the amazing things you all were doing was really starting to bum me out so I stopped blogging.

Well now I am a mama to a sweet baby girl and my interests and focus have shifted a bit.

I will still be going back to teaching next year, but at the same school and same position.  Some day I may get back to this blog, when I am really loving the placement I am in, but for now I will no longer be blogging here.

I have created a new blog called It's a Krazy Life where I will be sharing my adventures as a first time mom but mostly it is just a family blog for me to journal and have a creative outlet.  I have missed blogging greatly and so this will be the perfect solution... I think!!  So if you enjoy following family blogs, seeing baby pictures...lots of baby pictures, getting recipes, craft ideas, etc. stop on by!!

Enjoy your summer breaks everyone!!


  1. aww! Taylor...I have felt that way in my current job too this year. Luckily I got a new job at a brand new school being built over the summer, teaching kindergarten! I am glad to be moving on and I hope one day you can too! Your girl is absolutely precious! I will stop by your other blog :)


  2. Your baby is adorable!! Congrats!! Enjoy the snuggles as they grow up too fast!

    I MOVED! Check out my new site:
    Think, Wonder, & Teach

  3. I was wondering what happened to you and your cute little blog! I'm so happy for you. Your baby girl is absolutely precious. Have you tried applying for other teaching positions?

    The REAL Teachers of Orange County