Wednesday, March 19, 2014

BOO testing... YAY for soon-to-come freebies!

The past two weeks have just been completely packed with back to back testing.  Last week was the regular testing with all of my accommodation kiddos so it was lots of reading, scribing, and extended time!  This week I have a couple of my own students that need make ups but then because we are such a small school, I am the only teacher available to administer all of the make-ups as well so I have 13 students and 28 tests that have to be made up by...umm... the end of the day TOMORROW! goodness gracious it's gonna be a crazy day! 

The plus side... Only 3 of those assessments have to be read aloud which means I get the whole day in between pick ups and drop offs and direction reading to work on lesson plans!! Woohoo!! AND... tomorrow is my last day before spring break! Can you believe it's time for spring break already????

Well, stay tuned because I am going to have some pretty good freebies coming soon to try and welcome all of my readers back to my blog!  There will be a little something for everyone, I promise!!



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