Friday, July 18, 2014

Five for Friday

So I have attempted to make a come back a couple of times and it really just hasn't stuck.... Yep, I'm a crummy blogger!  I do love it though and would love to get back to it consistently so here's another go at it!

1. I was offered a new job and will be teaching Pre-Kinders next year in the cutest little school ever!!!  Seriously, I am so excited and cannot wait to get in there and started on figuring out what I will be focusing on as it is a co-teaching experience!  I will get to have a classroom, see the same students every day, plan fun, cute, exciting activities and I am so thrilled!!!

2. We had a very busy week this week and it included 2 trips to the zoo!  We love the zoo and our membership was the best money spent!!
 3. I have been working my butt off to try and get healthier and exercise more!  Not even including the zoo, we went to the park and walked twice this week and 1 day we walked almost 4 miles!  Down 2 lbs this week!  Woot!!
4. I had my dad build a sensory table for Reagan to play with!  Not only is this great for Reagan but it is giving me some awesome ideas and practice for the school year with my little ones since this will be my first year with youngins!  What do you think of our sensory activity for the week?  The plus: she LOVED it!  The negative: she throws it all on the floor... I'm so tired of sweeping!
5. Loving that 5 for Friday is my first post back again.  It reminds me why I enjoy doing this and following all of you amazing teacher bloggers out there!  Have a great weekend all!


  1. Congrats on your new teaching job! And also congrats with the exercise goal! I've been trying to take advantage of my free time during the summer and exercise more. I really hope that I can keep it up during the school year!

    Learnin' Books

  2. Congrats on the new job! How exciting....I co-taught first grade my second year and it was great. :) I love the zoo too..and what a great way to get your exercise in too with all the walking. ;)