Friday, August 8, 2014

Five for Friday!


It's my last official Friday in summer.  Next week starts teacher work days and inservice days, we have our big back to school carnival, and then we get a week off again before starting the last week in August!  I'd love to say that Peanut and I have been spending our last real week of summer doing awesome things, but it's been kind of dull!  We've done lots of playing at home, relaxing, and movie watching!

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 We went to the zoo Sunday morning!  We had so much fun and it was such perfect weather!  When we were leaving I hopped on Timehop real quick and realized that a year ago that same day was the first time we ever took Reagan to the zoo.  My how she has grown in a year!
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We are having road work done right outside our house (another downside to living right off a main road).  The upside, Peanut is loving the trucks outside and will sit by the window pointing and saying "tuck" all day!  So cute!

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I went into school this week and used the app BookBuddy to work in the library.  We have a big library and a lot of teachers all using the same books!  The app allows us to scan all the books so that we can look at the list and find out what books we have to help us plan accordingly!  I got 225 books scanned and tagged!!  You should definitely check it out!
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I have been working on lots of lesson plans for the month of September that  I can't wait to share with you all!  Science lessons focused on a pond habitat and what science is, random art experiences, some family tree projects, and the beginnings of some social studies!
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And probably the most important!  Those of you with little girls probably know Frozen very well.  Peanut loves it probably because of the music!  Back in the winter, I was at Target one day and saw a box set of the Frozen doll set and Peanut was too young to really care about it so I didn't get it (I know I know, so dumb).  Well this summer, she has really gotten into dolls and so I went back to pick it up for her.... Yea... umm you can't find that stuff anywhere!!!  The shelves say "Frozen yada yada yada..." but they are all empty...all the time!  So we have gone once a week to check and see if its back and today we had to go pick up a birthday gift for a friend of ours' one year old!  And what do you know, they had it, they had 2!  I was so excited!  

 We were going to wait until Christmas, but yea... I caved.... She loves them and it was definitely worth it!

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  1. aww! Too cute! That really neat that your district does a back to school carnival..sounds really fun! :)